Thursday, March 10, 2011

Honor and Praise

What role did religion play in your family? How did your female ancestors practice their faith? If they did not, why didn’t they? Did you have any female ancestors who served their churches in some capacity?

There are seven days in a week. Five that we spend working or going to school, one that we spend doing whatever we can think of and another that if religion is a part of your life you spend in church. However, in my family that wasn't always the case.

The question was did religion play a part in your family. The answer was, is and will always be a resounding yes.

Religion was a huge part of my childhood and my mother and grandmothers before me. We all grew up in the baptist faith. Most of my family at one point has been in the choir, my paternal grandmother served the usher board most if not all of her live, and I am not sure there was a piano in the Missouri area that my mother didn't play on or a choir she didn't play for. Yet when my cousins and I came along both my mother and my aunt decided that we also needed another foundations for our faith and they enrolled us in a private Christian elementary school.

We started each day in chapel and each class in prayer. Then after school, depending on the day was bible study or choir rehearsal or Wednesday service. There was really only one day were we weren't in a church. Most would find that suffocating but we got exactly what our parents wanted for us. A foundation of faith, belief, and love.

Another great thing my mother gave me without actual thought was diversity. Because even though I grew up baptist and went to a baptist church most of my life that wasn't the only religion I was able to experience. Through her piano playing we went to almost every type of religious service at one time or another. Some she was just visiting because she knew someone there. I have a deep understanding and respect for all religions but I also have a deeper understanding about the fact that it isn't just about a religion.

My family gave me faith and the ability to learn that at the heart of all religions we are the same. To me that has and will always be the greatest gift they could have shared.

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