Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fearless Females.....31 Day Challenge

I don't know how many of you follow Genea-Bloggers either on their blog or through Facebook but I happen to follow both and in honor of Women's History Month they posted a new challenge. The goal or challenge, as the case my be, is to post everyday of March about a different prompt all devoted to our female ancestors. Normally, I might not follow such prompting as I like to blog about where ever I am in my own research or just information that I feel works for this blog but this one really touched me.

See I have been very, very fortunate to have been in the company of some extremely strong, caring, opinionated, and devoted women. Women that gave to others selflessly without loosing themselves in the process or forgetting their worth to mankind. Women that taught you how to be compassionate toward others while still expressing your thoughts and keeping your own council. Women that knew how and when to smile and share a laugh but also get the job done when needed and put the fear of God into you when crossed. In short I personally believe that my family line has some of the best women ever put on this earth and ever taken too soon.

That is also the reason that I decided to join into this challenge; the one trait that I wish these wonderfully fearless and determined women did not share. They all died way to soon. From my grandmothers to my own mom they all left this earth before their time, with so much wisdom left to share. Not just with me or my personal family but with the world.

To be in their company was like being in the company of queens. They shared, they laughed, they cooked up a storm, but mostly they taught. If I were to ask any of my cousins male and female alike they could more than likely take you back to a moment when they learned a lesson from the women in our family not by being told what was the right thing to do but by being shown what was the only thing to do.

I wish that every had a chance to spend one day with these women and enjoy the love and advice that they all gave so readily and through doing this prompt I hope that I can pass just a little of them on to everyone that reads this. With that in mind, their legacy will continue to live on and their wisdom will flourish once more.

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Irish Annie said...

Thank you for this wonderful post. Who are the women in the pictures?

Kristin said...

I've decided to do this challenge too. I look forward to reading more about the women in your family.

Paula said...

What a wonderful post honoring the women in your life!!

Just Me said...

Thank you all for commenting. In answer to your question the women are, in order, My grandmother and great-grandmother on my mom's side and then my mother. The bottom row, again in order, are my great aunt and my grandmother on my dad's side, my great-great aunt on my mother's side, and my aunt through marriage on my dad's side. They are all gone but certainly not forgotten and each taught me so much.

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