Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where Did the Time Go

I was on a great role in March of updating through out the month. Being women's history month really gave me a trail to follow. It also helped that I was doing the prompts from Facebook. But then I got side tracked and the next thing I knew it was almost the end of May.

It's so funny that I would be updating now as I am on vacation but I started talking to my Uncle's about his family and low and behold I found not just his grandparents on a census but their marriage license. The marriage license was a big deal for me as I never seem to be able to find those on Ancestry but this time it just popped up and I about fell out of my seat.

I also think I found his paternal grandfather as well. That one is a little harder since the name for the mom isn't the same as what he says it should be but everything else lines up. I will have to do some more research with it when I get back as they were living in Missouri. What are the odds that I would be stalled with my immediate family but be able to find some extended family through marriage. It's crazy how this genealogy thing works.

My father is also on his way to Mississippi to do some more research and I meant to give him some information to look up for me but I didn't get a chance to write it out before I left. I am hoping that I can give him a call while he's working on it so that I can give him the information that I would like to find.

Either way I really want to get back into the swing of my research but right now I am having a hard time seeing when that could happen. I just have so much set up for the next month that it might be until July realistically before I can get deep into it. Either way I will keep trying to update here and letting you know what I find.