About Me

I am an artist, a writer, a photographer, a reader, a researcher, a dreamer and a historian. 

Starting this project I was just a woman.  A woman that thought she knew everything there was to know about herself but now I am a student.  I am a student of history and family.  I am a student of American and of all the lands that make up this great planet.  I am a student of life and the struggles that allow us to have the bounty that we take for granted and I am a student of those that came before me so that I can learn not from their mistakes but from the legacy that they leave behind.

I'm not trying to sound pompous or as if I have learned so much in the short time that I have been doing this because I haven't.  Actually the only real thing I have learned is that my patience hasn't improved over the years and that this could be a life long project.  I have given up twice and almost cried once.  I'm screamed more than I can remember and I am sure there will be plenty more times to come but I keep coming back.  Life is a journey.  Whether it is mine or my ancestors and each one holds a story.  The writer and the reader in me wants to know the story.  Especially because it's a story in reverse.  I already know the end or at least as far as the story has come but what I'm searching for is the beginning.  I have no real special skills to do this except that I'm nosy and stubborn, traits that I believe are family characteristics, but other than that nothing.  I didn't major in history in college and although I do have a love of the past I wouldn't say that I am more well versed in it than any other person that loves to read.

All that said, I am here.  I am looking and as someone that loves to roam around the world wide web and find interesting tidbits I thought it would be fun to add mine to the list.  That is part of why I started this blog.  That and to keep my going.  If the blog is here then I must believe someone is reading it and they would be disappointed if I stopped.  There might never be anyone reading but I will always think there is and I am hoping that will keep me going.

I am stubborn, noisy, hopeful, funny, zanny, intriguing, a bad speller, a night owl, a movie hound, a music lover, and a sleep-a-holic.  I am the product of my life and my upbringing but maybe I am more.  Maybe I am what my ancestors hoped for, fought for, and died for.  Maybe I am them and if so the most I can give back to them is a voice and a chance to tell their story.