Monday, January 31, 2011

Genealogy Open House

The Saint Louis Genealogy Society had a great open house yesterday for all those interested in genealogy in the local area. I was surprised at all the different specific groups that they had available. Every group from Irish to Jewish to Italian (who I personally had a blast talking too). It really opened my eyes to the fact that genealogy people are so much fun to hang out with.

For example, I was talking with one gentleman and I was telling him about my find that my great, great, great, maybe another great grandfather owned land in the south in 1870. You would have thought that it was his family that I was talking about because he was just as excited as I was. The same was true when I told him of my problems with finding Henry, the constant thorn in my side. He understood my frustration and tried his best to help.

There is just a connection that exist between those of us that are dedicated to finding out our past and tracing our family roots. We understand because we have all had our triumphs and our disappointments (did I mention Henry) and we are interested in the history of all of it. Not just the dates or places but the lives that were lived. We hold the past in reverence for the lessons we can learn and we cherish each and every bit of information that we can find. That is part of what makes genealogy research and those involved fun.

I realized yesterday what a community we are. Almost a family in our own rights because we share in not just each others lives but each others heritage. We want everyone to find as much as they can and to be able to understand where we came from. That is a beautiful thing and it makes me proud to be a member.

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I would like to find out about my grandparents' lives. Since my mom has painted some intriguing pictures.
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Heather Rojo said...

Genealogy is much more fun when it is social. It's too easy to sit at home and work on the computer, but when you get out and socialize you not only have fun, you can make some surprising connections. Good luck!

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