Friday, April 9, 2010

Mississippi-Day Two

Wow, what a great day it has been today.

As previously mentioned we found a new relative yesterday and today we went back over so that my aunt and I could met her. She is just the sweetest lady and she had a book of old obituaries that my cousin sat down with and got a lot of information from. Then her daughter was there and she shared pictures with us of other family that we hadn't met but had passes on or weren't in the neighborhood. She also mentioned that she had a brother that lives in Missouri also. It's like will wonders never cease.

Then we made our way to the National Archives for Mississippi and although we only had approximately a half an hour to research (they close early on Friday and we spent more time than we originally planned in Canton) we still found some interesting information. I finally found a marriage license for my great, great grandparents that listed my great, great grandmother's maiden name so now I have a new family line to research and my cousin found quite a few death records that had parents names on them as well.

However, when we got back to the hotel she pulled out the one that she was the most excited about and was telling how long she had been looking for a maiden name for this person and I pulled out my family tree to add it and surprise surprise I already had it down. She was speechless and all I could tell her was that I must have gotten the information from my dad.

Also while we were at the archives I found a will for the person I believe was married to the woman slave owner that might have owned one part of my family. I didn't have time to print out everything but the lovely lady at the archives told me that she would print it out and sent it to me in the mail. Who was looking for a Dream Team? I was looking for a Dream Team. Who found a Dream Team? I found a Dream Team. *smile*

Back to my marriage certificate find. At the bottom there was a place for the officiator to sign and his last name was Ellis too. So I called my aunt to ask if the first initials sounded familiar and she was like no but when I mentioned the last name for my great, great grandmother then she got all excited. She remembered that was correct and even though it was like twelve years late (kidding) that just confirmed that I had found the right people.

So we have decided to head back to the archives tomorrow morning even though we will only have about an hour or so to research before we have to head back to for the funeral. It's not that long but some time is better than no time at all. Okay off to bed so I can get up. Talk later.

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