Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mississippi-Day Three

Time has sure flown.

We got up really early to make it to the archives and had another good day there. We didn't find as much as we did yesterday but we still left with information that we would have found at any other time. It's true what they say that the best way to research someone is to go to where they lived. I'm not sure I ever would have found that marriage license if I hadn't come to Mississippi.

We made it back for the funeral and I have to say that it was the shortest funeral that I have ever been too. I'm not sure that it lasted longer than fifteen minutes. Now I have been to funerals down south and normally they are just as long if not longer than funerals anywhere else. I have no words for this one.

After the service we drove out the burial and my cousin and father went on a search for tombstones that were around the turn of the century and I'm not talking y2k. They were so hoping to find people from 1860 or older and I think that found a few 1800's but nothing around the years that they were looking for. Once we left than we drove around the historical district and the old downtown taking pictures of what it looked like now and what it might have looked like back then.

So now my dad and cousin are gone and I'm doing some additional research on the computer looking for anything that I can now find on Henry or Cassie. With there marriage license dated I now know that they weren't married until the end of 1900 so that means that Henry might be listed by himself or with his family then.

Alright I'm off. Talk to you soon.

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