Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not Quite What I Expected

I had this great idea after my post on the return of NBC's Who Do You Think You Are? that I was going to post show recaps. I had planned to post them the following Monday after the show aired. As you can see there have been two episodes and I have yet to post a recap for either.

I think the problem that I got into was first do I include all that they found or do I allude to the journey they took so that if you didn't watch the show but still plan on watching it you wouldn't feel as if you know how it ends. The second issue that I found was that if I was going to include fact I would have to include names and it's hard remembering all those names. Heck, it is hard remembering all my families names.

Now this isn't to say that I might not decide to go ahead and recap those first two shows this week and then pick up next Monday with a recap of Rosie O'Donnell's episode. It is simple to get your opinions.

If you were reading a recap of a show would you rather have a recap that makes you want to go look up the show and watch it later or would you rather get all the information you need so that you didn't have to watch the show to feel as if you actually saw it? Let me know and I will be sure to make a recapping decision by next Monday. :)

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