Sunday, March 21, 2010

We Are Family

I was talking to a family member and telling them about what wonderful strides I have been making and I said that I could understand why people give up when they get back into slavery and the early 1800s. This was the wrong thing to mention because they started telling me how they didn't understand why I even started because I was never going to find out where I came from.  Then they proceeded to let me know that genealogy was a waste of my time because they had saw a show on television that talked about how hard it was.  Now mind you I have been watching the same show and it took me a minute to realize that this person was combining three different genealogy shows into one as she spoke.  I simply shook my head and went on about my research.

Later I started thinking; do all people have someone in their family that isn't interested in the past or where they come from? 

I know that we all have people that aren't going to do more than tell us about any stories they might have heard a long the way or those that listen when you tell them about your research but wouldn't lift a finger to look up anything themselves.  And then there are those that will go on the trips with you to do research but they are really only after the free vacation and sit around at the hotel until your done.

These are what I like to call the history-loppers.  They are interested in the stories but not the work.  Sure they will pass along information that you gained and will be interested in anything you tell them but that is the extent of their involvement.  But my conversation with my family member lead me to come up with a new catagory; the "Spit on it" grooup.

You know how when you were younger there was always that one kid that no matter what anyone suggested at recess he or she just spit on the idea.  They wanted to play but at the same time they didn't.  They just wanted it to look like they wanted to play.  What they really wanted to do was ruin everyone's fun.  They weren't happy for whatever reason so then they didn't want anyone else happy either.  That is want I think this new group is about.

They aren't interested so they don't think anyone else should be interested either.  They think that the idea of looking into the past is boring or un-nessesary and so they are going to do what they can to ruin your fun.

Does that mean that you can't share with a "spit on it" person?  Absolutely not.  Of course you can share but just be prepared for them to shot down a lot of your ideas and I definately wouldn't talk to them when you have been having a bad day.  With their additude they could make you want to give up or see your journey as hopeless but just remember that is just their ideas and their opinions.  This is your journey into your past and don't let anyone derail it but you.

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